Monday, December 24, 2007

Orange Isn't My Color

But when I wear orange for bhangra, it's great! Actually, orange does match my hair. Saturday I performed in my first bhangra dance on stage in public. It was scary! Here my teacher Shub from Rhythms of India dance school gets Monica and I dressed for the dance, and below she fixes up pretty Mehra.

We were dancing at the Punjabi Virsa Mela 2007, which is a celebration for Punjabi youth in the area. We did the dance which I posted a YouTube clip of us practicing a couple of months ago. Another dancer caught our Saturday performance on digital video, but I haven't seen it yet and it isn't yet available for posting. I'll link to it as soon as I can. Assuming it's not a disaster, that is! Shub said we did it 98% perfect, so that a good sign.

I was all hopped up on bhangra when I came home, and I decided to find out when next year's Bhangra Bash is. It's on March 29th! The day after my birthday! So I definitely know what I want to do for my 40th birthday -- go watch the Bhangra Bash competition and then head over to the Showbox for the after party. Come with me!

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