Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stormy Weather

Seattle and Maine have been having some heavy weather! My brother Aaron took some videos of the family playing in the first snow-day of the year in Camden. I'm not a snow person in general, but a snow day is always fun! I'm jealous.

In Seattle, we started off with heavy snow early on Saturday afternoon. I had a safe and easy but snowy drive home from work. At work the snow was still big and fluffy, but at home it wasn't. I was disappointed, because I was looking forward to going for a walk in the big fluffy snow. The snow changed to rain, and has finally stopped just now, Tuesday morning. The result was catastrophic flooding and mudslides, luckily none by us. We live on a gentle hill in Ballard, and are generally immune to flooding, mudslides, tsunamis, pyroclastic flows from Rainier, and falling trees in windstorms (all the trees were cut in Ballard at one point, so most are small). Just two miles from our house, however, was this magnificent mudslide (the car was unoccupied).
And here's an example of some chaos north of Seattle, about 15 miles from where I work.

There was more flooding much closer to my job, but this is a great photo. Both photos are from the Seattle Times.

Further south in Puget Sound the flooding was even worse, with hurricane force winds accompanying the rain. Welcome winter!

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