Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Odds and Ends

An envelope came in the mail for my Mom yesterday with this enticing blurb on the outside:

Huh. Sooooo. That really makes me want to look inside. And the font. It says "feminine hygiene product" to me.

And if it's Free, then why is it also Pre-Paid? That seems fairly redundant.

OK, so looking inside, I find not only is it Free and Pre-Paid, but you get to WIN it! Later on in the flyer they call it a "pre-need cremation plan." Frankly, I'd rather not cremate my Mom before she needs it.

At work the other day, I found a dried up spider egg sack complete with deceased spider inside a clear acrylic sign holder. My co-worker and I found it pretty fascinating. I mis-used taxpayer funded equipment to scan both sides of the acrylic. You can't really see from these pictures, but in addition to the dead adult, there are several dessicated little spider babies, too. It's kind of like one of those ant farm dealies where they run around sandwiched between two panes of glass so you can see what they're up to. Except with a lot less scurrying.


Petula said...

Did your mom send it to you as a joke?
The only thing that would make it less enticing to a well educated librarian such as yourself is if they promised to also throw some banned books on the pyre with your pre-need loved one.

Julia Pequlia said...

It was actually mail FOR my Mom, not from her. I decided not to send it on to her.

I supposed the book pyre would only be enticing if it was really wretched books, like the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye, or some Ann Coulter books ...