Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pick Your Prez, Not Your Nose

Having trouble deciding between Ron Paul and Barak Obama? This handy website will help! View candidate's responses to issue questions without knowing whose responses they are. Agree and Disagree with 10 categories of questions, and then check your results at the end. You aren't given an answer: "Vote for Joe!", but you are given a run down of how much you agreed and disagreed with each candidate.

This didn't end up helping me, as Clinton and Obama came out equally agreeable for me. Since I couldn't go to a caucus, and since voting on the 19th apparently doesn't count for Democrats (it's an advisory vote), I guess it doesn't matter too much.

Make sure to do the quiz all in one sitting, because if you go in and out or back and forth, the questions get all shuffled, so you can't just go back and mark ADAAADA on a particular issue's screen that you think you already sorted out.

Have fun!

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