Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eight Months Old!

On the fifteenth Zane was eight months old! This coming Monday we have a check up to see how he's growing. Even if he's still a skinny Bean, he's definitely happy, curious, and physically fit. I also signed up for free developmental testing through the State of Washington and we'll be doing that on Monday as well. The idea is to make sure that any delays are caught and worked on early. I fully expect to find out that Zane is a superstar, and it will be nice to know for sure that we don't just have parent blindness about a trouble spot.

On Monday we went swimming again and ran into Diego and his mom who we know from story time. I noticed a big difference in Zane -- now that he's crawling, he seems to have taken that skill right to the water! When he saw something he wanted to get to, his arms and legs would mill around in the water in a kind of proto-dog paddle (puppy paddle?). I don't think it really propelled him (I was holding him), but it's a great start! One of these days we'll have to sign up for actual swimming lessons.

Wednesday he managed to get himself into a sitting position for the first time. He seemed pretty pleased with himself. I think babies usually do this before crawling, but Zane is such a mover and a shaker that he doesn't have much use for sitting. I think he got that from his fidgety, twitchy, zippy Mom.

We've been having trouble sleeping lately, and Zane has been acting like his mouth really hurts him. I end up letting him sleep in our bed just to get some sleep, and I hope he doesn't come to expect it. I'm not sure where his next teeth might be coming in. Some sources say the upper incisors are next, some say the next two bottom teeth. Maybe it is his upper teeth since those are really big and he seems to be in a lot of discomfort. Poor pumpkin.


Global Grandma said...

Hola Zane,

Well, we have a lot of zippy string beans in our family, and mighty good genes they are too, so no worry if the Doctor says you are on the bottom of the growth chart.If these weren't good genes you wouldn't have a great grandpa who lived to be 101 and 2 living great grandmas at 94 and 97!

Sandy said...

So Zane is very curious about those pointed thingies on your rubboard!