Monday, April 12, 2010


No news is good news! I can't think of anything major to report this week. Zane continues to zip around faster and faster on his hands and knees, and he's started pulling himself up to a kneeling position, too. This kid wants to stand and run!

Zane proofing the house is difficult, as he can dismantle most efforts. I tried putting corner protectors on the coffee table, but they actually create a hazard. Zane sees them, crawls over, yanks them off to chew on, and then he is hanging out right by a sharp little corner. I've put some of his foam letter squares around the coffee table for now, but it won't last.

Zane has also started to create a mental map in his head of the house. He knows to crawl around the coffee table to get to JoJo's stuff or to follow me to the bathroom. He knows how to get to me in the kitchen so he can hang on my leg and look up at me with puppy eyes. He's getting really good at clutching and hanging on to me now. I've been calling him my little monkey.

Our latest fun discovery is that blowing raspberries in Zane's armpits and knee pits is very funny. Maybe it tickles!
He's getting used to eating more and more, which is useful since he doesn't seem to like to take a bottle on the weekends that I work. He will nosh on yummy food, though. At least when I get home he'll be only thirsty, not hungry, too.


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Global Grandma said...

Hi Zane,

I keep watching your videos over and over and pretending I am at your house with you! Of course I am a totally objective Grandma to say you are an amazingly cute and smart baby! Can't wait to see you in person this summer!

XXOO Grandma Diann