Monday, April 5, 2010


Okay, so I can't get to JoJo anymore? Fine, then. I'll just try to pull your computer down onto my head.

Zane is really crawling well now, with no belly flops and only the rare stumble. He isn't quite speedy yet, but he's got it down. I've got a better barrier on the stairs now that has a gate in it for easy access. No more stepping over a gate and hoping not to fall down the stairs.

This week's drama involved buckets of vomit. His first! How cute! In an older post, you may remember I fed him some yogurt with strawberries in it. That was bad (strawberries are not recommended in the first year), so I shared my other flavors with him until I read the label and found out they had honey in them, another no-no. So I made a big label-reading effort and found some fruit yogurts sweetened only with fruit juice. He really liked the first one and ate a lot, but ended up having two bouts of massive spewing. The first one in my bathroom, and the second one in a complete stranger's house while we were buying a used baby gate. Luckily it was on a hard surface, and as parents they completely understood. Poor Zane got worn out and a little dehydrated, but by the next day he was fine. I'm not totally sure it was an allergic reaction, but he didn't have a fever so I don't think it was a bug. I'll wait a week and try a few spoonfuls of another flavor and see what happens.

Today we went to a baby group (Q&A for moms) and it was so fun to see the babies crawling all over each other now that they are bigger. It was kind of like a pile of really cute maggots writhing around on the floor.

Zane has slept through the night again for several nights, so I'm hopeful that will continue. Even when he does get up, it's not for long. I feel a lot better! I've also been getting alarmingly thin, and I've been bulking up on nuts and whole milk and protein bars, and that makes me feel better, too. I hear that babies' growth slows down around now, and I won't need to be using so many calories each day to produce milk. We'll see!

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Global Grandma said...

Hola Zane, I see you are doing yoga now! That is a lovely upward facing dog asana you are using to grap the computer!

XXOO grandma Diann