Monday, March 29, 2010


Zane is now becoming an early expert in mischief. By last Wednesday, three weeks after getting up on his hands and knees, he is officially crawling. He still falls and is slow, but he gets where he wants to go. His pursuit of JoJo is now relentless. We've got some fencing now to keep her safe and to keep Zane out of the litter box.

Monday we went swimming again and had another fun time. I'd like to try to go every other week, but the whole locker room routine is a bit daunting. It's especially hard at the end to get us both washed clean of chlorine and dressed. I think if I can recruit more moms, we can get our babies cleaned off and then watch each other's kids while we clean ourselves off.

Not quite earth shaking, but Zane had his first splinter this week. I think he got it from the coffee table. The pointier parts of the coffee table really need to get wrapped in bubble wrap soon, as he is starting to bang his head on stuff.

While it is currently hailing, Wednesday was beautiful.
We got to lounge around outside for a while while Grandpa visited. Since Zane loves to play in water, I put some water in a bowl for him and he had a great time getting wet. I can't wait until it's warm enough for naked baby time in a wading pool!

Zane goes through phases where he practices a sound over and over, usually something pretty grating. The last couple of weeks his favorite thing is to make his whole body rigid, stick his arms down to the sides with his wrists bent, and say "Errrrr!" He does it when he's very excited. We captured a little bit of that here:

Part of Zane's brain development is object permanence and realizing that people can be gone. Even though he's been going to daycare for two months now, he's started crying a bit when I drop him off. He is also looking for toys when he drops them, and looking down a hallway or at a door when we leave the room. He still remains pretty cheerful, though! Earlier in the week he was teething, got a splinter, and hadn't pooped in four days. He whined a bit, but I cut him some slack because it's hard to be a baby when your mouth hurts, you're constipated, you get wood shoved under your fingernails, your parents then squeeze that fingernail, and then you think your Mom is abandoning you.

And finally, here is Zane really "getting into" his study of the letter R. I'm not sure how he got his legs through the R's negative space, but he did!

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Global Grandma said...

Hi Zane,

WOW, a moving baby! Now the world will be a whole new adventure with you choosing where to go! I do not recommend JoJo's box as a good place to explore though. You will definitely keep Mom and Dad on their toes now!

Love and Hugs
Grandma Diann