Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Diarrhea Diaries

Zane had his first diarrhea this week. Oh how cute! Um, nope, yuck. First, he had it twice all over his daycare Mom on Tuesday night. I thought it was just a symptom of teething as I had heard it could be. Wednesday I had some diarrhea in the morning but felt otherwise fine. Zane was a little fussy, but I again thought it was his teeth. We happily went to Story Time at the library, but he seemed a little subdued and clingy. Then when we were marching around and doing a dance at Story Time I had to stop and rest. On the way home my skin began to hurt and it became clear that Zane actually had a bug he had passed on to me. By the afternoon I was exhausted, feverish, and my guts hurt. Thursday Zane and I stayed home. Friday I felt mostly better and Zane seemed fine so I went to work, but I had to pick up Zane early as his daycare Mom was sick, too (she even went to her doctor). That evening he had more diarrhea all over me. Then Saturday I had to stay home again, and now Sunday I'm back at work. I really think I'm better now! It's been hard to tell how sick Zane was because he's generally cheerful and any fussiness can be attributed to teething. His appetite was always fine (mine wasn't), and I don't think he ever had a fever, so I think he was much better off than the adults he infected.

One of Zane's teeth finished breaking through and can be felt, and the other is on its way. I got my first nip de nip from Zane, the first of many more, I'm sure! His sleep continues to improve, and we even had one night where he slept right through the whole night again. That was, of course, while I was sick and couldn't sleep, so I didn't get to enjoy it.

I think he's getting more interested in food. A few times he's wanted what I'm eating, and we shared food. The first time he got oatmeal with blueberries and apple chunks in it. I squished the blueberries and ate the skins, and he got purple oatmeal. Yum! I found the apple chunks unchanged in his diaper the next day, which was kind of funny. Yesterday I shared my fruity yoghurt with him, and then belatedly realized *OOPS* it was strawberry yoghurt. Babies aren't supposed to have strawberries until they are one year old (the baby, not the strawberry), since strawberries are a common allergen. Well, Zane survived! I wonder if this means I now know strawberries are OK, or should I still hold off? I'm going to ask at my baby group the next time I go. He sure likes them!

Zane has continued to work on his crawling, and he's almost there! He can get on his knees and lunge forward onto his belly, and then repeat the process. Michael says it is like watching a sea lion gallumph along. I've also seen him drag his knees forward together while staying upright on his arms. He's started moving his hands and knees a bit, too, like in this video where he does his favorite thing, lunging after JoJo:

His little brain keeps expanding, too. I've gotten out some texture books he was only kind of into in the past, and now he likes to spend more time feeling all the stuff and looking at the pictures. I can't wait until he'll sit still for a story!

Today Kyrin came to babysit for four hours while Michael was on Zane duty. This will be a good deal, because Kyrin will get driving practice, money, cute baby time, and some quiet time. Zane will get a dedicated playmate and get to know his cousin. Michael gets some work time but will still have plenty of Daddy time.

That's all for today. If we're feeling chipper tomorrow, I think we'll try another go at swimming.

Happy Spring!

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