Monday, March 15, 2010

Seven Months

Zane is seven months old! I'm staying up late to do this post, so it will be a quick one.

I tried to weigh Zane on our bathroom scale, but it says he's stayed the same at 15 pounds, so I'm going to ignore that. His mobility is increasing fast, hence the addition of a baby gate to the top of our stairs. He has learned how to get on his hands and knees and then lunge forward to get where he wants to go. He's done it several times, and a few times in a row, so it doesn't seem to be a fluke of just falling in the right direction.

Last week on Monday we went to the Mountlake Pool for our first swimming adventure. They have many little pools set up for families and kids. We went in the Lazy River, which is shallow, rubber bottomed, and has a current. I thought we might stay in for 20 or 30 minutes, but after an hour I decided we should really get out. Zane would have kept on going! He really loves his bath (cries when we get out), so I guess he is a real water baby. The pool had balls floating in the water, and cool little floating exersaucer things for the babies to float in. Zane and I met up with two of his baby pals and their moms. We'll definitely go again. Maybe we can get Michael to come and take pictures.

The big news this week for Zane is teeth! Sunday morning I saw what looked like a little crack in his gums (lower incisors), and he's been very sad and cranky since then. Zane is such a happy baby, so I know his constant crying and neediness means he's really hurting. Poor baby! Nothing I do seems to help except for to hold him. Oh, and chewing on my chin is good. Needless to say, I'm not getting much done in life, and that is why I'm staying up late to post! I sure hope the teeth cut through quickly and don't prolong his misery.

Must sleep! Oh yeah, and sleep is slowly improving as the snot situation slowly improves. Good night!

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Global Grandma said...

Hey there Zane,

So they have you in 'jail" now do they! Hee hee, get those arms moving with the butt and I think you will show Mom and Dad a trick or two about who is in charge of the house now!

Love Grandma Diann