Friday, March 16, 2007

Goin' to the Feed Store

Okey-Dokey. So today I have finished this week's RSS feed assignment by searching for and subscribing to a few more feeds. I found to be the best tool, althought the Advanced Search tool didn't quite work as advertised. As with some libraries' OPACS, limits set in the Advanced Search are not always remembered or actually evident in your search results. I'm not saying I actually know any of these OPACS.

For myself I searched for some house rabbit blogs. There are many, of course, and I even found one about a libral librarian with a house rabbit: I can so relate! One of the great features of is the ability to search by zip code. I set up an RSS feed to tell me all about news from my home town, Camden, Maine.

Since I'm doing this on work time, I also have to subscribe to some library-related fields, and I chose Libraryman and The Shifted Librarian in addition to the aforementioned librarian-with-rabbit.
I've enjoyed this week's task, although now I have subscribed to so many feeds I may never get anything else done in life but read feed. Oh well, after all, I *am* an information professional!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the subscription, Julia! I'll try to make the content worth your time!

-Michael Porter (libraryman)

Petula Darling said...

Do podcast subscriptions count toward your rss requirement? I'm a huge fan of podcasts because they leave my eyes and hands free while keeping me entertained. Great for washing dishes or working on tedious projects

KCLS Learning 2.0 said...

And a darn fine information professional you are!