Thursday, March 29, 2007

Queen of the Universe

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had my first annual 39th birthday. Scary! I know, I know, everyone older than me says "What's the big deal?"

I believe in being a Queen on my birthday, and I've learned to ask for and organize exactly what I want. Saturday was the fabulous Bhangra Bash. On my actual birthday the weather was beautiful, just as I ordered! I slept in, took a nice bike ride around Ballard and Sunset Hill, admired Puget Sound and the Olympics, and generally drank in the spring.

I asked Michael if I could have him for the day and was granted half a day. I consider that a minor victory since I'm somewhat of a software widow. And what do I choose to do with my Michael-time to celebrate my birthday? I went to see dissected human cadavers! Yay! As Michael said when I suggested going to the Bodies esxhibit, "It sounds creepy and gross. You'll like it!" People who know me will agree. I've been known to poke around in dried up road kill to see what's inside. I also laboriously collected and boiled clean the skeleton of a stray cat that died in my yard. One of these days I intend to take it to a taxidermist and have it articulated and mounted in some dramatic pose.

The Bodies exhibit was absolutely fascinating. I've seen lots of drawings and photographs and models of anatomy, but nothing beats the real thing for really understanding how we are put together. If anyone gets a chance to see the exhibit, I highly recommend it. It's only in Seattle for another month.

Tonight one of my favorite bands, Hill Stomp, is playing at the Comet Tavern in Capitol Hill. stop by and lift a glass with me!

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Petula Darling said...

Happy belated birthday!!!
I'm glad you had a good day. I agree that the key is to take matters into your own hands. I also like to provide a bit of a countdown to my birthday to make sure those around me aren't caught by surprise. Lots of, "Can you believe there are only 39 days until my birthday?" sort of comments.