Thursday, March 22, 2007

Space Cadet

(image from Piersanti Studios at
I'm jumping on the MyBandwagon with a MySpace account. Actually, I had already signed up for an account a few months ago so that I could see the events calendar for Jules Maes Saloon in Georgetown, but I had never really done anything with my account.

Libraries and librarians need to be MySavvy so that we don't start putting our hair up in a bun and looking at "kids" over the tops of our reading glasses. There has been some hesitation in the library community since MySpace is portrayed as a den-o-iniquity rife with pedofiles or alternately a silly teeny-bopper site with no relevance to the adult world. The internet has always been a social networking tool, and places like MySpace and Second Life just make it easier and more fun. I'm all into easier and more fun, so here I go!

I set myself up at and pimped my site from, a tip I got from SurlySpice who got it from RickObaggins ... OMG, like, social networking LOL! :>

I'm not sure that I'll really continue to use MySpace other than to be able to see band or club info, but at least now I can show the world that I only have 3 friends, one of whom is virtual classroom! Yay! Just like middle school!

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