Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Little Bit of Weather

Last night at midnight, I started having some contractions. This is a pre-labor or false labor at this point. I rather think a pre-labor. Had some all through the night, about 20 mins apart, then during the day they've been occasional and of varying intensity. Sometimes enough to make me get quiet and wrinkle my brow.

My Dad and stepmother were visiting as well as my Mom, and we were all talking about global warming. My Mom made the comment that weather is just changes in pressure. I said, I think I'm having some weather here! So now I'm calling my little contractions a little bit of weather.

Anyway, I'm thinking the weather report is for a baby sometime this weekend. I had some other signs during the day that also point to impending "real" labor. We'll see! I got this fortune cookie fortune yesterday, so it seems imminent ...

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Anonymous said...

We're cheering for you at Shoreline! Just met your mom, too!

Can't wait to see pictures... hang in there and have that baby!

Take care,