Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Weeks and a Bit

Zane is now 16 days old. We are maybe starting to settle into some patterns of life. Thank heavens my Mom was with us for the first two weeks to get us going. I think I would have starved to death without her. We all miss her very much and not just for the housework! I wish we could all afford to stay together. Sniff.

Yesterday we had a bit of a restless night and morning, but a good day. Last night we had a good sleep night, but Zane was mostly awake from 9am to 4:30 pm. He'd doze off but not stay asleep. He is a great puzzle that is perhaps not solvable! Just lovable. Zane is such a miracle baby, that even when he's restless or cranky, he does it quietly. No screaming or real crying. We hope our luck holds...

As for me, I just realized that I've run up and down the stairs several times today, and I no longer get out of breath or tired. I think I must have recreated all of my blood that I lost. My belly is almost back to normal, but I have loose skin and probably some fat to work off. And a lot of muscle tone to get back. I'm not in any hurry, and I'm pleased that it doesn't look like I have much to do. Hurrah for all of those workouts right up to a week before birth!

Zane 12 days old.

Making my favorite "Ooooo" face. Unfortunately, it usually heralds gas.

Two weeks old. Is that a real smile? He had just finished nursing.

The Chrysalis, 15 days old.

Zen Zane, 15 days old.


Stephanie said...

I can't wait to come out and see him (snuggles) again! This is the first week of school but we should be in a good pattern by next week. Maybe we'll come by this weekend if you are up for it!

Global Grandma said...

Good morning Zane,

You are probably sound asleep now in your little bed next to Mom and Dad or having a middle of the night snack (ask Mom to explain to you why it is 6 am here but 3 am in Seattle!). My flight back to Ecuador was an easy one but I was so sad to leave you. I wish I could snuggle you right now and watch all the cute little faces you make, feel your soft skin and new baby smell. Ask Dad to be sure Mom eats plenty of good food and to take you for a walk so Mom can get a little break for herself. Can't wait for more photos! Love and kisses to you all. Grandma Diann

Di said...

Zane is gorgeous!! Love the name, BTW!! And the facial expressions. Think I need some play time, please :). Have been out in Woodinville, but am probably moving back into the City in two weeks, so please let me know if you need anything or have time for tea, Zane cuddles and biscuits :). xxx