Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zane is Growing!

We just came back from a checkup, and Zane has gained one pound since he was born 12 days ago! That's pretty amazing. I think 9 ounces is average. He also seems to be taller, but length measurements are harder to get consistently. When he was born they said 18, at his first checkup they said 19, and now he's at 21. I suspect he didn't really grow 3 inches, but he's definitely bigger. We also had to get a shot and a blood draw, which were very traumatic. Mommy got peed all over. He's so exhausted he is sleeping, which is why I can do more photos!

Zane 8 days old, asleep on Michael:
One week old, wearing his Elvis collar PJs. And yes! His eyes are open!
One week old, ready for bed.
More precious Grandma time, 9 days old. Grandma is leaving on Saturday. Yikes!
Zane sleeping like a baby, 11 days old:

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