Saturday, September 5, 2009

Three Weeks Old

Zane is three weeks old today. Yesterday his Social Security card came in the mail, so he is a bona fide member of society! It's fun to see mail come addressed to Zane Xavier Gibson.

In preparation for his big 3 week birthday, Zane had his first bath yesterday. He wasn't totally filthy, as I'd been washing him with a washcloth, but his last belly button scab fell out, so now he is eligible for immersion baths. I was a little nervous, but it worked out just fine. He may even have liked it! Here's a video of the beginning of the bath:

In general life is going along pretty well. However, we seem to have ended a sort of two week honeymoon where he hardly ever fussed or cried. Now he does. We've had several instances of downright crankiness and refusal to sleep or be comforted. I think it's gas, and I've been trying to do a better job of burping him. So far, today is going well, knock on wood. Unfortunately, he also seems to have developed a dislike for his car seat, so taking him out has become a bit chancy. Maybe if he keeps going in it, he'll outgrow whatever objection he has.

Some photos from the week:
A nap with Mommy, 18 days old:
Visiting with Auntie Laurie, 19 days old:
JoJo says, "Hey! This is covered with bunnies! Isn't it for me to sit on?"


Global Grandma said...

Of course Zane is cranky since Grandma left, he misses me!

Stephanie said...

He looks so much bigger already! Maybe this coming weekend Kyrin and I can come and visit? I'll call later in the week and see what your plans are :)