Saturday, September 12, 2009

Four Weeks Old -- With Pants!

Today Zane is 4 weeks old! I guess I can't quite say a month until August 15th. If I count months by four week chunks, then he would be 13 months old at his first birthday! He's doing great with lifting his head, and is still generally a cheery baby. We had a cranky week at week 3, but now he seems back to being a pretty good kid. I think I got to be a better burper, and that has helped us out a lot. We sleep pretty well at night, with about 3 or 4 wake ups for feeding. I stay in bed for a long time, and I generally get enough sleep that I don't usually need an afternoon nap. This morning on the bathroom scale he weighed 10 pounds! He looks longer, too.We like to sing together, and do some exercises on one of his lovely quilts. Yesterday evening we read our first baby book together! I had been reading to him from Archaeology magazine, just to have him hear my voice, but now I'll try introducing baby books. I was amazed that he actually paid attention to one! I have also introduced pants! He's been lazing around in PJs all day for long enough. Plus, he is now big enough to finally start fitting into some of his clothes that people gave us.

I noticed a change in myself: I was in a store where a baby Zane's age started to wail and cry, and for the first time ever my urge was to pick it up and cuddle it, not to run away from the infernal noise. I guess I'm a Mom now!

I managed to get a nice set of Zane's footprints, but alas, the hand prints were too hard. How do you get a baby to unclench his fists?
I took a photo of Zane this week that reminds Michael and I of a picture of Zane's cousin Riley when Riley was about 6 weeks old in 2005.

Zane on his frog quilt:
Hello to friends and family!


Global Grandma said...

Ahhh... such a boy, but those legs in the fishy pants?

The counting by weeks up to a 13 month year is of course the Moon calendar, widely used historically, especially by matriarchal groups. With the coming of the Christian Church and its efforts to stamp our all considered paegan, the number 13 was given a bad press and declared to be unlucky! As a women, and one named after the Goddes of the Moon, I consider 13 to be lucky!

Stephanie said...

He is so dang cute!! I love the pic next to Riley's :) I know that he would love to meet his little cousin one of these days. Maybe on a weekday when all the other kids are at school we could stop by for just a few minutes?

I love his pants :) Footie sleepers are great but it is nice to put them in "real" clothes after a while :)

Patti said...

Hi Zane!! Nice to see you in action! Awesome quilt! We'll see you when you visit Maine some day :)
-Cousins - Patti, Shawn, Riley & Meaghan