Saturday, September 19, 2009

Five Weeks

Well not a lot has happened since the one month post. As you can see from today, being 5 weeks old is a lot of work which requires napping. Here he's watching football with Michael, giving me a much needed break.

The biggest difference I notice this week is that Zane is definitely smiling at us now! That is really wonderful. I thought he might be, and then one day he woke up from a nap to see me leaning over him, and he opened his mouth in a big wide smile! He's doing it more and more often, and we are also playing monkey-see-monkey-do with face expressions, which is pretty fun. He also looks at things more intently now, so I think his vision is really sharpening up.

Today I jokingly told Bijou to keep an eye on Zane, and when I came back into the living room I saw this:What a good guard kitty! Actually, she was staring at JoJo who is hiding behind a chair ...

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