Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Month Old

Today Zane is one month old! He has had some exciting firsts, even since Saturday!

He had his first bottle of breast milk, and he took to it right away! He seemed a little perplexed at first, and his little eyebrows furrowed, but then he sucked almost the whole bottle right down in just a few minutes. Such a good boy. Now I know that I can have a bottle of milk with me if we need to go somewhere for a long time, or if I need to go away and Michael needs to provide food. I've been using the breast pump every morning for the past week now, and freezing one serving of milk every day. Hopefully I can build up a pretty good bank of milk for daycare in 6 months.

We also had our first foray out to a restaurant. Michael and Zane and I went to Caprice Kitchen (we call it Caprice Chicken) on Sunday for brunch, and Zane snoozed peacefully in his car seat the whole time. Zane has developed a sometimes hate of his car seat, so that wasn't a given. We hope he'll do some nice repeat performances, though!

Zane had his first walk in the woods, too. Yesterday I put him in his Baby Bjorn, and Michael and I and Zane walked down and back up the steps to Golden Gardens Park. Boy am I out of shape! I was toting 10 extra pounds of Zane, and 10 extra pounds of myself (mostly boobage), and it was dang hard gettin' up those steps.

Today we took our first trip to Costco, and Zane slept while I Bjorned him around the store, but then he whined in the car seat on the way home. I got some shopping done, though, which is pretty good!

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Global Grandma said...

In the photo with the bottle it looks to me like Zane is saying, "Hey, what's this! The boobs are over there!"