Sunday, November 22, 2009


Future Atomic Scientist of America! Zane's head seems to be expanding at pretty good clip. One of our favorite hats for him no longer fits! All of the stuff he is learning seems to be making his brain explode. This week we went to a baby Q & A group for babies 3-6 months. Zane seemed to be inspired by the older kids, and when we came home he rolled over three times right away! He hasn't done it so much since then, but he can! He can also grab whatever he wants now. He's not talking as much as he did before, though. I guess he's rationing his brain power.

It's been getting cold here, and I ordered some bear paw mittens for Zane. Very scary!

Nothing much else is new. Oh yeah! We went shopping at the consignment shop and got some books with textures in them, as he seems to really like touching things these days, and some new warm clothes and other toys.

Zane is squealing, so I gotta go!

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Patti said...

love all the photos Julia! Thanks for share Zane with us.