Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Twelfth Week Man

And so we are at twelve weeks. I think I'll stop counting weeks from now on, although I'll still try to post every Saturday. I know Zane has his family fans!

This morning I got out the detachable chair that goes with Zane's highchair, and got it set up for him as a sort of baby Barcalounger. It's a very chi-chi Peg Perego white Naugahyde chair. Zane now has enough core strength that he can sit up in it and get a nice view of the room around him. The chair is still a bit big for him, as are his nice blue fleece PJs. A month or two from now we'll look back and be amazed at how little he was! I put it next to me at the computer this morning, and he helped me edit photos.
Zane continues to amaze us with his increasing dexterity! Now instead of just whacking at things with his arms, he's aiming better and actually trying to grab with his hands. He's not quite clear on what he can pick up yet, though. I keep being reminded of the stereotype of an LSD tripper trying to pick the flowers off the wallpaper; Zane keeps scrabbling his fingers at printed pictures in his cloth books. He's keeps plugging away at his laptop, but he does still cry and get frustrated with it. As you can see here, he takes his "school work" very seriously while working on his laptop.Zane has started to pull himself up to sitting when he starts out leaning back at an incline. He can't keep himself up yet, but he can get there! He can also keep his head level if I pull him to sitting from flat on his back. Very strong and smart! We think so anyway. :)

Zane also seems to have discovered his feet, and has started to spend some time staring at them. He uses his hands, but he doesn't stare at them, so I'm not sure if he knows they're his yet.

He still has a problem with his skin that just doesn't seem to be going away. We have an appointment on Monday to check it out. He may have cradle cap on his head, and something else on his cheeks and arms. We have some professional photos being taken today, and I hope the rash can be "disappeared" a bit through lighting and photo magic.

Zane has been enjoying his green bouncy chair since he was born. There is an entertainment arch attachment that I tried on him a few times in the past, but he ignored it. Last night I tried it again, and he was completely entranced. He is able to touch some of the animals on it, and he really likes watching the rest. As with his laptop, though, too much of an exciting thing leads to grumpy fretting, so we'll have to ration it out. I got a video of him when we first turned it on. Sorry about the lighting, but it has been stormy and gloomy here for days. The annoying clacking sound is something broken on the arch that I hope to fix.


Global Grandma said...

The tree frogs sound like Ecuador in the rainy season!

Global Grandma said...

What a handsome guy! As it is November, he is actually 1 year old more or less from his very beginning! From two cells to a whole Zane who is working on his core muscles and doing his "school work!" Pretty successful Science project htere Julia and Michael!