Sunday, November 15, 2009

Three Months

We made it to three months! I tried Zane out in his highchair, and he fits, but he sure looks tiny! He's about 12.5 pounds and 23.5 inches long. We've been told that the first three months are really the fourth trimester where the infant needs to keep developing but can't fit in the womb any more. According to my What To Expect book, we are now entering the golden period when he is cheerful, sleeps well, and can't yet move himself into trouble.

Hmmm ... sleeps well. He does fine at night, but for the past couple of weeks it's been a struggle to get him to have naps in the daytime when I'm not holding him. He'll fall asleep but his eyes pop open when I try to put him down. Or he "nurses" for an hour; when I try to remove him or poke him to see if he's asleep, he makes a noise and swallows as if to say "I'm awake and totally still nursing" when really he's not. Little manipulator! He gets so cranky from not having enough sleep in the day that he is not always a perfect boy, although he is still way less cranky than most babies. He and I are going to a sleep workshop on Monday to see if we can get any tips.

Monday we went to see the doctor about Zane's "gross head" situation. He has red, bumpy, flaky, and sometimes yellow-crusty skin on his head, face, and arms. It turns out just to be really dry skin, and I'm putting Eucerin on him 2-3 times a day. It's already way better. The flakes and crusts are mostly gone and his skin feels soft, but it's still bumpy and a little red.

Last week when he was still in full gross head mode, he had professional photos taken. The photographer did a pretty good job of hiding it! Through 12/13 you can see the photos online. E-mail me for the link and password if you'd like to see them.

Friday I decided to try putting Zane in the big bathtub with me. It turned out to be so fun we did it again last night! I filled the tub about halfway up, and then held him. It turns out he is very buoyant, and he seems to love it. I found I only have to hold his head and the rest of him floats. At first he looked very surprised, but then he smiled and blew bubbles and thrashed around.

Zane has really gained an amazing amount of strength in the past month. He can now actually grab things with his hands. The latest breakthrough came yesterday when he finally pushed himself up on his arms instead of just lying on his belly. Next up will be rolling over!
Zane on his belly:

I like to experiment with new toys to see what he likes, and this week Zane took up the piano.
Zane's music lesson:

That's all for this week! I love you all!

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Global Grandma said...

That on arms bit is definitely yoga, the Sphinx pose! If we only knew what goes on in the little brains... what is he thinking with his lap top, and does he realize his hands are making the sounds on the key board? Next step to accompany Mom on her banjo!