Saturday, October 17, 2009

Number 9, Number 9

Nine weeks today! Even though I just did a post, Zane has still acquired a few new skills. He's added squealing and possibly giggling to his repertoire of sounds, and he's started to work on sitting up and standing. He leans forward and insists on being pulled up to standing over and over. He helps by pushing with his legs. He's a hard worker -- he does it until he whines about being tired, but he still wants to keep going!

Because he is so strong, we've added folding laundry to his chores:

He's also snoozed a few more times in his crib, which is good for getting used to it. Someday it will be his bed!
Zane sends more greetings to Maine!


Global Grandma said...

Hi Zane,

Yes, I agree with what you said about both Mom and Dad coming to Maine at Christmas with you. And what a squeal of delight that you will get to meet your Maine cousins! Keep talking to Mom about how much you want to go and how sad Grandma will be if you don't!

Anonymous said...

Oh Julia, Zane is just the cutest, sweetest babiest ever! I love all of his expressions and sounds! Can't wait to see and hold him next Monday. Love, Auntie Laurie