Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Perfect Ten

And so we come to 10 weeks of Zane! I took this picture yesterday of Zane in his new swing. We got it for $15 at the consignment shop! Score! I got it for Michael's office so Michael can work while he's on Zane duty.

Being 10 weeks old can be very tiring:Zane has been working more and more on sitting up and standing. I've added flying to his repertoire. Hopefully he doesn't think that he will be able to do that after he masters sitting and standing on his own. I'll try to get a good video of his new skills. His real new skill this week is blowing bubbles. He's been frothing at the mouth a lot lately. He also has finally gained an appreciation of the banjo, which clearly shows great intelligence. The first few times I played for him he seemed distressed, so I left off for a month or so. Several days ago I tried again, and he really loved watching my left hand on the the frets. Now I will hopefully do a little playing again, maybe even a few minutes every day, which would far surpass any practicing I ever did before!

He's also been really zitty this week. He's got a flaky, zitty rash all over his head. I've been calling the condition Gross Head. Oh well, this too shall pass.

As for me, I actually finished a book today! It only took me two months to read ... I read about half of it aloud to Zane, and now he knows all about Darwin, Hooker, Huxley, and Wallace.

I mentioned before that Zane loves the bedroom light. Sometimes I'll hold him up to the light and his arms fall back while he gets a glassy look in his eye. He looks like he's getting beamed up. Here he is contemplating his buddy the light.
After some agony, I've decided not to go to Maine with Zane this Christmas. Michael convinced me (rightly so), that flying with him was not a good idea during this flu season of the Swine. It is extra contagious, and Zane cannot be vaccinated. His little immune system is very immature. I've talked with two people who had the Swine flu, and they say they never felt so bad. I don't want Zane to suffer through it.

So, we will just keep ourselves clean and healthy! Here is Zane after a bath, and another little bath video for your pleasure.


Global Grandma said...

Those eyes look like black olives...definitely Dad's dark eyes and maybe the hair is lighter?

Julia Pequlia said...

Zane's eyes are still baby slate blue, so who knows which way they'll go! I forgot to mention, too, that he is up to 12 pounds.