Saturday, October 10, 2009

Octo Babe

8 weeks old in October = Octo Babe! Zane has been getting very chubby in the cheeks lately, and is about 11.5 pounds. On Monday we go in for Zane's 2 months doctor's visit, and he has to get 4 vaccinations. Yikes!

I'm putting aside more and more clothes that no longer fit, but of course I have a huge reservoir of clothes to pull from. So many donations and baby shower clothes! It's fun discovering new outfits as I rummage through his bureau.

Developmentally I haven't noticed much different from last week, except maybe that he really spends a lot of time with his hands up by his mouth these days. He loves to suck on his hands, and I have a hard time getting them out of the way to feed him when he's half-asleep at night. He is very smiley and fun to play with. He says "Ah Goo" and "Goo" a lot, which is pretty cliche, but very cute. JoJo and Bijou continue to tolerate him. JoJo gets annoyed when Zane's stuff is in her territory, though. Today she hopped in the bouncy chair, which I thought was kind of funny for a bouncy critter to do.

The weather is cool but still pretty nice, and several times Zane and I have gone with Michael to walk up and down the stairs to Golden Gardens park. Zane just conks out in the Baby Bjorn, and doesn't really get to enjoy the scenery.

Yesterday we went to a baby reunion for all of the babies born to our labor and parenting class. Zane is the second smallest, but was born at around the middle of the pack. The baby on the far upper left is 9 weeks old and *16* pounds! Actually, it's good Zane is small, because many women had big babies, and they had to have C sections. I'm happy to have had a small one to pop out! I did envy the hair on other babies, though. Oh well. Zane's is soft and velvety, and he has double galaxy whorls on the top of his head.
Today we had some visitors, and here Zane is with his adoring fans:
A simple game I've been playing with him lately, is fun for both of us. I call it the Busy Buzzy Bee:

And finally, lest ye think all is roses and sunshine, here is what Zane thinks of his car seat.

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