Saturday, January 2, 2010

Comparing Babies

I've always heard you shouldn't compare babies because they all develop on their own perfect schedule. But ... I was wondering when Zane might first get teeth, and my Mom mentioned I should check in my baby book for when I got my first teeth. It was really fascinating to see similarities and differences for Zane and I (so far) for our baby growth!



Birth time

5 days late

3 days late

Birth weight

6 lbs 10 oz

Didn't lose birth weight in first few days.

6 lbs 13 oz

Didn't lose birth weight in first few days.

Birth length


18-21" (differing results)

4 weeks
8 lbs 5 oz
About 10 lbs
6 weeks 9lbs 1oz, 22.5"

2 months

11.5 lbs, 22.5"
3 months
10lbs 10oz, 24"
12 lbs 4oz, 23.5"
4 months

13lbs 4oz, 25"
5 months
14lbs 4.5oz, 26"

First ones at 4.5 months

6 months

6.5 months

Ba-ba, da-da, ta-ta
7 months

Walks w/ support
8 months

Walks alone
13 months

Potty training
Bladder control at 21 months, and potty training at 2yrs, 3 mos in just 3 weeks.

One concern our doctor has about Zane is that his weight/height ratio percentile has dropped a bit. Zane seems very happy and healthy, so he is probably just a skinny boy. Looking at the stuff above for me, I weighed even less for the same or longer heights! It seems that it is just how we are built. Thursday Zane and I went to a lactation consultant, and she said Zane is getting plenty of food and looks very healthy, so it is most likely just how he is built. Still, we are keeping an eye on his weight, and we are going back to the doctor for a check when he is 5 months old. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get him to nurse as much as possible.

A couple of other interesting things from my baby book info: I got my teeth pretty early! Michael's niece Kyrin got them early, too, so I'll be watching for that in Zane. Also, it sounds like I was pretty easy to potty train -- I hope Zane is!

Saturday Zane and Michael had 5 hours of guy time while I went to the Sound of Music Sing Along with Sabina. I've been wanting to go for years, and I loved it! Still, the whole time I missed Zane and worried about how Michael was getting along. They were fine, of course! If this show ever comes your way (it happens in many cities and several countries) you should go!

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