Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bijou Update

It has been very discouraging over the past months in that we have not been able to get Bijou's diabetes under control. She's had many, many all-day visits to the vets to check her blood sugar levels, she's been shaved and had an ultrasound, and we even switched types of insulin, but nothing seemed to be working.

Today we got good news! For the first time, Bijou's blood sugar levels are finally coming down. We are on a new insulin and are closing in on the right dosage. Yay! She'll still need to go back to the vets a few more times over the next month to check her levels and get her dosages adjusted, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She'll still need two shots daily for the rest of her life, but hopefully she'll pep up, reverse the neuropathy in her limbs, and stop drinking and peeing so much. Hopefully we can move her litter box back downstairs so it is no longer in the living room. Right now litter gets tracked all over.

Today I went to a meeting and Zane went to his daycare for the first time for about 5 hours. It seemed to go well! He'll go once a week for the rest of the month to help him (and me!) get used to it before he goes for three long days a week starting in February.

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