Sunday, January 24, 2010

Je Suis Un Prisonnier

This week Zane has become extremely physical, rolling around and squirming a lot. He has squirmed out of his bouncy chair and has started to roll over on his changing table and on our bed. The time has come to rein in his rolling before he gets hurt. So, yesterday we moved the crib upstairs into our bedroom, and last night he slept there instead of in the little bedside co-sleeper he's been in since he came home. Because he is swaddled at night, he was in no danger of rolling out of his bassinet, but he was starting to wiggle all over it, and it would soon be too small. Mostly, though, I wanted to be able to use crib in the daytime as a changing table or temporary corral; I can raise the side when I step away and I don't have to worry about Zane rolling to the floor.
I also moved his bureau upstairs so I can organize his clothes better now that he fits into more things. For those of you with worried eagle eyes, I assure you I will move my jewelry rack away from the crib so Zane doesn't meet a fantastic end strangled by a glittering strand of garnets or serpentine.

Another plus to this move is that the crib will be about 10 feet away from my head, and hopefully I will re-learn how to sleep through the night without constantly waking at all of Zane's little grunts. I think I wake him to feed when he doesn't really need it. He and I should both sleep better, which is very important since I will be returning to work soon. Last night he didn't wake until 5:40, and the night before he didn't wake at all in the night; I'm hoping this is a new trend. I also hope having him farther away from the bathroom door will mean that early morning and late night showers and toilette won't wake him.

Here is a cute toes interlude:

Last night I took Zane out to see some bhangra and Bollywood dancing by my old dance troupe, Rhythms of India. Zane loved it! He stood bolt upright in my lap, chewing on his Tasmanian Tiger, and staring at the dancing. He likes to watch football, too, and I think it is similar: a bunch of people in bright colors moving around quickly. I hope to take him to more cultural things occasionally, just so it becomes second nature to him, and not something to be endured. Hopefully.

And finally, I leave you with this video of Zane exploring Michael's beard. Zane loves to run his fingers through hair.


Global Grandma said...

Hola mis chicos!!

What a busy boy! I see he clearly knows that Mom is boobs and Dad is beard. The crib is definitely a rites of passage step in babyhood and I agree sleep should be better for all. The red pants and strippy shirt are clearly the favorite outfit shown frequently in all the photos!

Love and hugs
Grandma Diann

Julia Pequlia said...

I noticed he had the same outfit on, too! Partly I like it a lot, put it's also one of his toastiest outfits, so it's good for winter. Next week I'll have to make sure he's got something new on from his wardrobe!