Saturday, May 8, 2010


The spring weather of six weeks ago has finally returned. Today Zane and I went for a long walk to get groceries. On the way back we stopped at the Boys and Girls Club to watch a baseball game, and we played on our first jungle gym. Zane and I went down the twisty slide together, and I slid Zane down a small straight slide by himself. We definitely need to go back to another play set soon. Then we got to spend time in the back yard on the grass. Zane is still a little weirded out by the grass, but he warmed up to it considerably today.

This week Zane has begun to refine his pinching grip, and as a result is starting to be a bit of a better eater. He can pick up Cheerios and put them in his mouth, and he now uses his teeth to bite on crackers. The crackers and Cheerios usually come out after sitting in his mouth for a while, though. I put some almond butter on a boring rice cracker, and he liked it much better. I put some of my milk in a shot glass and he practiced washing the cracker down with some milk from a cup. He liked that a lot! I have a feeling that the more he can feed himself, the better he'll do with eating.

He can now wave, too. Marie at daycare said all the kids can do this, so I think they work on it there. It's very cute! He holds his right hand up, palm flat out like he's saying "stop", and then he folds his fingers up and down. So far he does it randomly, not yet in the right context.

This week he's been having nice two hour naps right in the middle of the day. Ahhhh. I can get stuff done! Amazing. He seems much happier, too.

I finally got all my plans worked out for a summer trip to Maine! Traveling with Zane for the first time will be a bit of an adventure, but we have to do it some time!

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Global Grandma said...

Hola mi Nieto paquenita! What is the problem with grass? Probably a tickly texture or maybe it doesn't feel solid beneath your knees and hands. You Mom has a texture problem with food and I have a texture problem with peaches (yukk! just to think of them!) so maybe yours is grass! Keep up the good finger work!

Love and hugs
Grandma Diann