Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love is Hard

JoJo and Sebastian came home last weekend, but their love had not blossomed. We had them for about 4 days, and in that time they never warmed up and in fact began fighting. We had to put up a dividing wall which probably made the problem worse, but we didn't want them hurting each other. They went back to bunny love camp (Rabbit Meadows) where we hoped Sandi would work her bunny bonding magic.

I'm not sure what Sandi did, but JoJo and Sebastian (or Bun and Mr. Bun) are back home and being very nice to each other. They're not lovey dovey, but they are cordial. JoJo even licked Sebastian's head for a bit. They are no longer divided. We hope they will become friends and then they will be allowed to reclaim the house as their own together.

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