Monday, May 3, 2010

Snot and Bumps

Zane did end up having another nasty cold, this time with extra thick yucky snot that he covered me with every day. On the first two days he woke up in the mornings with his nostrils sealed shut and the sheets all crusty with snot. I stayed home with him from work for an extra day and was able to give him four good days of TLC and rest. He still drains nasty stuff a few times a day, but he feels much better now. One day I held him for a very long nap (he rests better that way), and Michael captured some dream smiles. He woke up for a moment and then went right back to sleep when he saw me, and with a sigh settled back to dreaming.

He's still a bit snotty, but feeling much better. He's been doing lots of exploring now that he can stand and climb over things. He got part of a WiiMote and tried to plug it into himself. In general he's been falling less when crawling or standing, but now he's trying more adventurous climbing escapades. He's also standing holding on with one hand and will occasionally fall. Here he is testing the limits of his gym.

Don't worry, he was fine! He also likes to climb into his bouncy chair now and bounce away on it. This has lead to some bumps and tears, but he keeps at it!

Today we went to a baby group session for 6-9 month old babies. Next week we'll crash the 9-12 month old session, since Zane will be almost 9 months old, and the groups meet only once per month. It's fun being one of the oldest in the group as Zane looks very mature and capable compared to some others. All but one baby have more hair, though.

Sleep has been really quite wonderful lately. Today he slept all night, and I woke up after 7 hours unable to go back to sleep because I'm just not used to it! Someday I'll get my sleep back.

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Global Grandma said...

Snot so funny about the stuffy nose, but the gym made me laugh. I remember at Christmas that all Zane could do was lie under it and reach with his arms, now he attacks it! Facinating to watch a tiny brain explore the world and discover the consequences!