Sunday, May 16, 2010


Monday afternoon Zane sneezed and I said "Hatshepsut!" Zane thought it was so funny, he laughed and laughed at it all day.

The next morning I said it again while he was still asleep and he laughed in his sleep. Über cute.

Wednesday we went for another free developmental test. Zane is right on target. They're really a lot of fun, and I learn a lot about games I can play with Zane to help him hit his upcoming milestones. We were invited back, and I think I'll keep going even though we don't have any concerns.

Saturday was a perfect day (other than getting up at 6am). Zane turned nine months old! Zane had a 2 hour nap in the morning. Then we went for a walk to a nearby park and explored a jungle gym. Zane seemed to like the slide, and he tried to climb part of the structure. We had a picnic in the grass. I was eating an apple, and Zane wanted to try it. He managed to bite off a little bit with his two tiny teeth, but mostly he sucked off some juice. We went home examining plants all the way, and then visited with the rabbits in the yard. Zane had a 1.5 hour nap wherein I got tons of stuff done. Zane and Daddy went for a walk in the stroller and felt rocks and pinecones and rosemary and many other things while I went to the store. I came back with a bunch of boxes and made the coffee table safe for little fingers:Now we can keep our remotes, game controllers, PC bits, candy, and books away from Zane, but still have them handy. The beautiful bubble wrap keeps Zane's head somewhat protected.

We had another family session with the buns in the back yard, and Zane had fun persecuting JoJo:

A late night nap followed with a fun bath and some silly playtime ended a really perfect day. Unfortunately, today Zane woke up too early again, and he and I have been cranky and out of sorts all day. Oh well. Zane is out with Daddy again while I blog. I also had to go get some cupboard locks since Zane has started to get into them.


Global Grandma said...

Rabbit abuse!! Call the RPS! I can't believe how fast he can move now. JoJo is good exercise for Zane! Where is JoJo's boyfriend rabbit?

Hatshepsut sounds like an Egyptian sneeze, is that from your Egypt days? Maybe that will be Zane's first words.

Grandma Diann

Global Grandma said...

Hmmm... your living room is taking on a whole new look. Nothing like a 9 month old to cause the need for total reorganization! And speaking of 9 months, Zane has been outside as long as inside now!