Monday, October 11, 2010

Computer Boy

These late blog posts are beginning to be a habit! I'll try to get the next one in on the weekend, but I'm working so you never know ...

This week my brother Brady and his girlfriend Erica are in town on their way back from Alaska. Brady brought out his laptop and Zane was mesmerized. So many buttons! So much computer-ish-ness! Zane loves all computers and buttons, so he was in heaven.

The past couple of weeks Zane has been trying out a face I call Stink Eye. He bunches up his brows, lowers his face, and looks out of the tops of his eyes while making a sour lip face. It is one mean scowl. We're not quite sure if he knows what it means or if he's just trying it out. It's pretty hilarious. He's been doing it at strangers and when we say no, or when he falls, so I think he realizes it's some sort of bad-thing face. In this video of Zane trouble-shooting Brady's computer, you can sort of see it briefly in the middle after he falls a bit.

Sunday we went into Ballard for the Sustainable Ballard festival, which this year was scaled way back to a small group of tents. Zane thought the hula hoops were pretty awesome. This shot was followed soon after by Zane attempting to get the two hoops behind him, which pulled down the folding chairs, which knocked over the bike. Pretty spectacular, but with no injuries. We also saw chickens, ducks, Morris dancers, and coolest of all, a little boy with a fire truck.

Last Monday we went to a toddler Q & A session at Birth & Beyond which was informative for me and fun for Zane as always. Now that he can walk around, massive mosh pits of kids are just that much more fun.

We got tickets to go to Maine for Christmas! This trip should be a breeze since Michael is traveling with us this time. I can't wait! Zane really loves to look at airplanes in the sky, so going to the airport should be very fun this time.

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