Saturday, October 16, 2010

How YOU Doin'?

A busy work week, and not much to report that I can think of. I had to rush to take some photos so I'd have something to post!

Zane seems to be getting quite tall. Here are some things he's managed to reach (which are now farther out of reach): A large sharp knife, a pointy meat thermometer, a cheese grater, my birth control pills, finger paints. He can now reach the stove knobs, and I think we will most likely just take them off rather than invest in a fancy kid-shield (new word of the week is "hot"). He has also developed an obsession with Tolkein and Vonnegut and keeps dragging those books out of the bookshelf. I started to read one to him, but he didn't seem quite ready. Slacker.

On Monday Zane earned another plastic dinosaur (stegosaurus!) by going to the UW iLabs and participating in a behavioral study on imitation and learning. He was supposed to look at pictures in a book and figure out what to do with a gizmo from the pictures. He became very impatient with the pictures (which were boring), but still figured out some gizmos, especially one which involved pushing a button which is something he loves to do. His impatience with the pictures is apparently right on the money for 14 month olds.

I think that's all for this week!

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Global Grandma said...

Hey Zane,

You have your "going to Grandma's" shirt on, wish it were true!!

So maybe he wants a brother or sister so wants to hide the pills?

14 month old... that sounds so mature. At 16 Months I will see you again in Maine, Yeah!!!!

Love and kisses,

Grandma Diann