Monday, October 25, 2010

Mama Mama Mama

Mr. Personality here has been very clingy this weekend. He has been a little barnacle saying Mama Mama Mama almost constantly. I think we have a combination of separation anxiety and maybe also fighting a bug. Saturday night I was feeling quite tired and had a scratchy throat. Zane went to bed early, but woke up many times throughout the night crying for Mama, until I finally brought him into bed. I think he was having bad dreams. We slept in until 8am (!!!) and then rushed out to a breakfast date. Our friend Maya came over to be a Mother's Helper so I could get stuff done, but Zane was so convinced I was going to leave him it was actually more work than if I had been alone. It was exhausting. He finally had his nap, and ending up having a 3 hour one, which is twice as long as usual. By bedtime he was his usual perky crazy self, so I think he may have beaten off the bug (as have I).

This week was fairly mundane. Monday, flu shot for Zane (with a booster needed in a month) plus a shopping trip to get toasty PJs for the fall. Wednesday, story time, which he actually participated in a bit for the first time. And of course our weekly Grandpa visit!

Saturday I put Zane in a snazzy outfit and did a fashion photo-shoot to submit him for the Gap casting call. What a great model! I especially like his version of Blue Steel, over there on the left. An easy and inexpensive way to enter a modeling competition. Not much chance to win, but you never know! It would be a nice way to sock away more college money. Then we went to Children's Hospital for a free car seat check. It turns out I should have had the seat installed with the seat belt rather than the latch in my particular car. Other than that, we were pretty good. I got some very useful tips on getting the seat in nice and tight, which makes me feel good. And although Children's Hospital was a very nice place, I hope to never, ever need to go there again.

Well, Zane has been illness-free for almost 3 months now, so here's hoping we've beaten the latest bug!

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