Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tiger By the Tail

Happy Halloween!

Last year Zane didn't dress up, we just handed out candy at the door. This year Zane got to dress up in his tiger costume for daycare and also for some downtown Ballard fun on Halloween. Zane was not too keen on the hood, but otherwise he liked his costume. Actually, he loved it more when it was off and he could snuggle with it.

The downtown Ballard businesses hand out candy from 3-5 on Halloween evening. It was quite a crowded place! We didn't get candy, but it was fun to people watch. Zane seemed to enjoy the inside of a shoe store more than anything! He got to sit at a table just his size and play with a purple dinosaur while I bought him some toasty socks.

Zane's separation anxiety seems to be continuing. It's not quite so bad as last week, but I still can't go downstairs without tears sprouting from his eyes. He has gone through several minor illnesses (or different symptoms of the same bug -- fever, dry cough, diarrhea), so that may have left him feeling vulnerable.

The good news is that he's been a champion sleeper lately! I feel really rested, and when he's not crying for "Ma!", he's generally super chipper, too.

He's also developed a small fear of the vacuum cleaner and mowers. He used to be really interested in them, but now he gets anxious and wants to be picked up. Is this all just a sign that his imagination is developing?

Zane has a little monkey backpack/harness that we've been getting used to. The monkey is really just a glorified leash. I figure he might come in handy for the airport when we travel to Maine. He actually seemed to enjoy having it on! Lucky us.

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Global Grandma said...

Hi Zane,

Happy Halloween! A Tiger? Hmmm... tigers have stripes and that onr looks spotty. Are you sure you do not have a Jaguar costume? They look a bit like tigers but are spotty. AND they live in South America just like I do!

Love and hugs
Grandma Diann